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Healthy Eating Week – 10th to 14th June 
Whether that means having one extra portion of fruit or vegetables a day, being a bit more active, experimenting with a new recipe or using up leftovers - Healthy Eating Week 2024 is all about giving it a go! 
Get at least 5 A DAY 
• Stay hydrated 
• Move more 
• Focus on fibre 
• Reduce food waste 
For more resources on Healthy Eating Week click here 
Bike Week – 10th to 16th June 
Bike Week is the UK’s biggest awareness-raising moment of the year for cycling and a chance to celebrate. It’s a time to remind ourselves of all the positives that riding a bike can bring to our own health and wellbeing. 
Cycling is good for you and we should celebrate all those who cycle and encourage and enable more cycling. As we know when more people cycle, we become happier, healthier, greener and more connected. https://www.cyclinguk.org/bikeweek 
Annual Leave 
Please be aware that Chelsea and Matt will both be taking leave in June, resting their hands and brains, recharging ready to take on the challenges of the expansion project starting at the end of June. Matt will be away from 10th to 14th June and Chelsea from 17th to 21st June. We will be open and functioning as normal, but with less appointments. Whether you are a new or existing client, if you’ve been thinking of booking in to see us, get something in the diary, we would hate for you to miss out. 
Continuing Professional Development  
Following on from Matt and Chelsea's CPD weekend last month, we are implementing some new ideas into our practice. Be prepared for some weird and wonderful techniques, all aiming to improve the information we give to our brain, which in turn can help you hurt less and move better! Embrace these new appraoches and you may well find some nifty little hacks which help you more than you might first expect!  
See some of our new tools in action below and be prepared to get experimental!  
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