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We offer an acupuncture service at Harding Physiotherapy. All our Therapists are fully trained to be able to offer acupuncture as part of the treatment for your musculskeletal pain and injuries, if it is clinically indicated. If you would like to know more, either contact us at the clinic or speak to one of our Therapists next time you are in the clinic. 
What is Acupuncture 
It involves the insertion of very fine stainless steel needles into the skin. There is a growing body of scientific evidence and clinical research supporting its effectiveness. It can be used in physiotherapy to treat a wide range of common health problems and to reduce pain. 
How does Acupuncture work 
Acupuncture stimulates the body to produce endorphins and oxytocin, its own pain and stress-relieving chemicals. It may promote sleep by stimulating the release of melatonin and encourage a sense of well-being by stimulating the release of serotonin. It also stimulates nerve fibres to block out pain signals and aids in reducing the sensitivity of tender points in the body. https://www.aacp.org.uk/ 
Continuing Professional Development – Thoracic Safety Acupuncture Course 27th June 2024 
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapist has taken the decision to remove thoracic acupuncture from their professional insurance policy for CSP members. The AACP (Acupucnture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists) have managed to source additional insurance to cover members to enable us to continue to offer this vital service.  
As part of this, the AACP have offered complimentary courses to update and refresh members on thoracic safety. The course is for clinicians like Chelsea who wish to review and refresh their theorical knowledge and practical skills in the safe and effective application of acupuncture and dry needling to the thoracic and scapular region. https://www.aacp.org.uk/events/view/1756 
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