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Our Covid-19 Action Plan 

Updated: 22/04/2021 
As a clinic we are operating within the guidelines set out by the Government, Public Health England, Physio First and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. 
This means that; 
All clients, new and existing, are required to complete our triage process prior to being considered for an appointment. 
If it is considered appropriate that you may require a face to face appointment, the potential risks to you, your household and our staff will be discussed, so that you and your therapist can collectively weigh up the risks and come to an informed, agreed decision as to whether face to face is clinically necessary. 
Prior to any face to face appointment, you will be required to complete and sign a consent form for our records. 
If face to face appointment is clinically indicated and agreed upon, please take note of the following; 
All personnel (clients and staff) due to attend the clinic will be screened for COVID-symptoms prior to entering the premises (this may be done via phone, emailed documents or verbally on site with social distancing measures in place). This is for our safety and yours, but also to enable us to use your details for contact tracing, if required, in the near future. If you have not completed a screening form and a consent form, access to the clinic will not be granted. Anyone reporting possible symptoms will be asked to complete their appointment remotely in place of face to face. 
Attendance at the clinic is by appointment only, please be prompt for arrival. 
You will be required to wait outside the clinic, applying social distancing measures, and will be invited in by our staff only when appropriate. 
Please attend alone, do not bring other members of your household with you. If you require a chaperone or carer to attend with you, please discuss this with the clinic in advance so that we take additional precautionary measures to enable this. 
Appointment times will be staggered where possible to help limit the number of persons in the clinic at any one time. 
All visitors to our clinic will be required to hand wash (available in the kitchen area) or use hand sanitiser (on the reception desk) immediately on entering the clinic, and before leaving. 
Please note that the clinic toilet is closed to visitors and clients. 
Your therapist will wear the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and will carry out the subjective assessment part of your appointment adhering to social distancing measures. 
We will limit any direct contact (less than 2m) during your treatment to only what is absolutely necessary 
We are operating enhanced infection control procedures, including wearing the recommended level of PPE. For staff, this includes gloves, apron and a surgical face mask, with or without a face shield depending on individual risk assessment. Clients will be asked to wear a facemask upon entering the clinic. We can provide this for you free of charge if needed. 
We are ventilating and disinfecting the treatment areas thoroughly after each and every client, in line with our infection prevention and control policy. To allow time for this we are spacing appointment times accordingly, but ask that you depart your session promptly to assist us in this. 

Face-to-Face Consent Form 

Please complete this form and bring with you to your first appointment. Regrettably, without this completed form we are unable to see you. 

COVID Screening Form for clinic attendance 

To be completed by the client (via email, telephone, remote video conferencing or face to face before you enter the clinic) prior to attending for every face to face appointment. 
As a Company we are taking all measures that we reasonably can to ensure the safety of our staff, clients and their associated households. Please help us to maintain a clean and safe environment by conforming fully with all of the above. 
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