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Bespoke Rehab Packages at Harding Physiotherapy 

At Harding Physiotherapy, we understand that everyone’s pain, injury and requirements from our services are different. In order to help us provide you with the level of support you need to achieve your full recovery and individual goals, we have devised a range of package options. Of course, you may still choose to PAYG (Pay as You Go) with appointments, but for those who feel they need more support, we can accommodate you too. 
In order to make our service accessible for all, we offer a range of fee options for our differing services (remote or face to face) and we encourage you to mix and match between these as you want. 
Appointment Type 
Remote assessment 
45 Min 
Remote Follow up appointment 
30 Min 
Short remote follow up appointment 
15 Min 
Physiotherapy Face to face (F2F) appointment 
30 Min 
Sports Therapy (F2F) appointment 
30 Min 
Sports Massage 
30 Min 
45 Min 
60 Min 
Why might you Choose one of our Support Packages? 
Pain, injury and bad habits take time to change. It takes a person between 18 and 254 days (on average 66 days) for new behaviours to become automatic. There are various factors which contribute to the success of implementing positive new habits. 
Identifying what you really want – We will spend time with you to understand what you are really wanting to achieve. This may be relatively simple, such as being able to walk for 1520minutes, or you may want to climb Everest. Nothing is impossible, but in order to help you achieve it we have to fully understand what you’re aiming for. 
Understanding what is holding you back – Pains and injuries are often multi-factorial, meaning they are not just a physical issue. We can help you to explore and tackle other factors which may be holding you back, such as stress, sleep, lifestyle and diet. 
Consistency and Commitment – We know it’s tough to keep motivation up when you’re going it alone, so we will be there every step of the way to help keep you focused, dedicated and on track. We’re on your side, working with you to keep you on track to your goals 
Measurable Goals – Once we know what you really want, we will work with you to break it down into smaller measurable goals. Stepping stones along the way to the end result. Even a big daunting goal can be made achievable using smaller steps along the way. 
Supportive Community - We will be there with you to listen to your frustrations, help you over your stumbling blocks and celebrate those wins along the way to your end goal. The truth is that teamwork is at the heart of great achievement. We want nothing more than to be in your corner, on your team and see you succeed. 
If you want to really tackle and fully resolve your pains, you’re much more likely to succeed with support and guidance. But, you do need to be prepared to work hard, commit to making changes and possibly pushing yourself outside your comfort zone - Nothing worth having was easy, but we will be there by your side every step of the way. If at any stage we cannot provide what you need, we will direct you to an associate or colleague who is an expert in the area that you need additional support in. 
Support Package Options (T&Cs apply) 
Following your first appointment, you may wish to enroll into one of our support packages: 
1. Individual Physiotherapy Block Bookings – Pay upfront for 10 physiotherapy face to face appointments to receive a preferential rate. 
£400 for 10 sessions (to be used within 12 months) 
2. Individual Sports Massage Block Bookings Pay upfront for 10 x 30 minute sports massages to receive a preferential rate. £270 for 10 sports massages (to be used within 12 months) 
3. Gold Option - This provides you with the most supportive package we offer, and requires a 2 month commitment from you. Per calendar month, you will get 4x 30 minute F2F appointments, 4x 30min remote appointments, Supply of hot/cold topical creams and/or a re-useable hot/cold pack and unlimited email support (Monday to Friday). £700 
4. Silver Option - This is a highly supportive package, still offering 2 months support, but will enable you to work more remotely and spend less time traveling to and being in the clinic. Per calendar month you will get 2x 30 minute F2F appointments, 4x 30 minute remote appointments, supply of hot/cold topical creams and/or a re-useable hot/cold pack and unlimited email support (Monday to Friday). £500 
5. Bronze Option Suitable for those who are self motivated but need a little support to confidently continue moving forwards, this package is available on a monthly basis and offers you 2x 30 minute F2F appointments, 4x 15 minute remote appointments, supply of hot/cold topical creams and/or a re-useable hot/cold pack and unlimited email support (Monday to Friday). £200 pcm 
For all package options terms and conditions apply. We strongly recommend booking in all appointments at the time of taking our your package, to ensure you have priority access to available appointments, and can secure all of your entitled bookings. 
Any appointment cancelled with less than 24h notice is non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled. F2F appointments cancelled due to suspected COVID-19 may be transferred to a remote session, to be taken at the time originally booked. Appointments not booked within the allotted time frame of the package agreement may not be used retrospectively. 
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